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Zoohu corp is a retailer of home decorative accents with focus on jewelry & cosmetic organizers for women. Our products includes leather or wooden jewelry boxes, metal wire jewelry racks, polyresin jewelry holder, fabric jewelry & cosmetic organizers etc. Our products are not only highly decorative but also very functional and they make a great gift. Most of them are priced under $40 for retail.

Our aim is to bring innovative products to the marketplace, to focus on total customer satisfaction, and to provide good value.

There are lot of products that have not been listed such as mini travel jewelry boxes and wall-mounted jewelry hooks. Here are some of our products:

We are in process of setting a retail shop within local mall. It would be a hangbag and accessories shop for people who love embroieded, fringed or patchwork hangbags. It is under negociation and we expect to open before summer of 2015.

JH005 Charm Tree Jewelry Organizer JH004-BLK Black Cat Jewelry Organizer JH004-BLK Black Cat Jewelry Organizer JH013 Twin Lady Jewelry Organizer
Yellow Hand Jewelry Organizer Yellow Sofa Jewelry Organizer JH012 Yellow Lady Jewelry Organizer JH011 Yellow Shoe Jewelry Organizer
JH007 Butterfly Jewelry Organizer MH01 Peacock Feather Note/Jewelry Organizer JH006 Peacock Lady Jewelry Organizer Birdcage Jewelry Organizer
JH001 Harp Earring Organizer JH002 Harp Necklace Organizer JH003 Harp Bracelet Organizer JH008 Pink Cat Jewelry Organizer
Pink Lady Jewelry Organizer JH010 Pink Hand Jewelry Organizer JH009 Pink Boot Jewelry Organizer Ring Tray
Hardcase Travel Jewelry Organizer Embroidered Brocade Jewelry Roll - Blue Embroidered Brocade Jewelry Roll - Teal Embroidered Brocade Jewelry Roll - Red
Embroidered Brocade Jewelry Roll - Pink Embroidered Brocade Jewelry Roll - Black Brocade Coin Bag Brocade Coin Bag2

We are in process of creating our ecommerce website. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! If you are interested in receiving information about our products or promotions, please can contact us at:

Zoohu Corp
Fax: (703) 563-6668
930 Jaysmith St
Great Falls, VA 22066, USA

Thank you!

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